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Manufacturers can choose from many options when it comes to die cutting. It is important to recognize that die cutting methods should not be used interchangeably; there is a time and a place for specific styles of die cutting. Two of the most common forms of die cutting are flatbed die cutting and rotary to die cutting. Often when manufacturers are preparing to launch a product, they don't put much time and thought into the die cutting method that will be used. It is good to avoid picking a die cutting process without reaching out for die cutting CA. The best die cutting services can help you pick between two similar yet different forming methods. Even though you should have faith in die cutting professionals, it is still important to understand the core differences between Rotary and flatbed die cutting.

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Flatbed die cutting implements a fixed base that is movable and flat. The cutting die is often made from a sharp metallic strip (steel rule) that is bent to match the product's profile and parts being produced. Flatbed die cutting works by stamping products with a hydraulic press, and a customized steel rule die. Raw materials are fed through the base while the press is vertically stamped to cut. The vertical motion of this type of die cutting allows for thick materials to be processed, which is not possible when utilizing Rotary die cutting. Although flatbed die cutting can process thicker materials than rotary dies, this process still only works with roll and sheet materials. Consider using flatbed die cutting for smaller, cost-effective production runs.

The best die cutting CA has to offer often uses Rotary die cutting over flatbed die cutting because the rotary type is often seen as more versatile. It is a much quicker manufacturing process, which is great for high production rates. Rotary die cutting moves in a continual circle which is substantially quicker than the time it takes for a flatbed die to move up and down.

Considering the complexities of die cutting, it is important to reach out for the best die cutting CA has to offer before making any choices.

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