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Can My Business Benefit from Rotary Die Cutting in CA

Many industries use die cutting services because of the manufacturing benefits and low-cost production. This processing method is extremely versatile, and in a single run, systems can cut, shape, bend, and form products and parts made from either roll or sheet materials. In short, die cutting is fast and consistent while also maintaining high-speed production rates. Die cutting is perfect for long and short-run manufacturing. There are several types of die cutting, and each is designed to process different materials and shapes. Although there is a time and place for each die-cutting type, the most used process is rotary die cutting.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting machines feed rolls of materials through a die station that contains a press.  Within the press, there is a rotating cylinder that is used to cut and form material. This cylinder is considered the die. Because it rotates through the press, systems can run without stopping. Dies are made from solid construction, which means that they are less likely to break or become deformed during the cutting process.

There are many benefits found when using rotary die cutting, which includes:
  • Cutting a wide range of material (varying thicknesses)
  • Environmentally friendly (creating less waste)
  • Quick processing time
  • Forming small-sized products
  • High-volume projects
  • Low-tolerance cutting

Rotary Die Cutting

When you hire professional die cutting California, you get unparalleled levels of uniformity in final products. Most systems can handle hundreds of feet of sheet material per minute. This manufacturing process has significant efficiencies that businesses benefit from.

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