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What Problems can Rotary Die Cutting Solve

Dies are tools used to cut and form materials. A die is often constructed from metal because metal can easily form paper, adhesives, fabrics, and other flat materials. Depending on the job, many cuts and perforations can be made quickly and repeatedly. Custom die cutting services are ideal for both long and short-run products and parts.

Rotary Die Cutting
  • Die cutting is often first attributed to the shoemaking industry. Cordwainers, better known as shoemakers, cut leather by hand, making it nearly impossible to standardize sizes and production. It also took shoemakers ample time to make a single shoe, which means that supply was low and had high costs. Die cutting solved this common problem and revolutionized the way shoes are made.
  • The medical industry has also been able to solve many problems with the help of custom die cutting services. Doctors, nurses, and individuals often deal with how adhesive strips fit and stay on the skin. When materials are not able to breathe, it damages the skin. Rotary die cutting machines solve this issue by forming breathable materials. Because of die cutting, durable cloth tapes, waterproof adhesives, and medical tape are readily available and affordable.
  • Cold temperatures can cause many issues for electronics and machines. It is common for machines in factories to stop running when temperatures drop too low. Rotary die cutting quickly and consistently produces thermal masking tape, which can adhere to almost any machine surface, including glass for a car windshield.

There is almost no end to the problems that custom die cutting services can solve. From industry innovations to individual application problems, die cutting services might be the best manufacturing process for your business.

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