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What are the Differences Between Rotary Die Cutting and Laser Die Cutting?

What are the benefits of die cutting pressure-sensitive adhesives? There are two main ways to process PSAs: die cutting and laser processing. Although both processing methods have pros and cons, rotary die cutting is often seen as a more practical manufacturing solution than laser cutting. Why use rotary die cutting for pressure-sensitive adhesives?

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Laser die cutting is fast because parts are cut from continually moving materials. Rotary die cutting is quicker because the process also gets rid of waste material immediately. For large run orders that require speed, consider die cutting and kiss-cutting services.

Die cutting services are more affordable than laser processing. Dies are cheaper to produce and set up than lasers. Die cutting also offers decreased setup times, fewer issues, and better throughput.

Laser and rotary die cutting both have many advantages, and there are times when one is better than the other. Rotary die cutting, however, is often seen as the more versatile of the two die cutting methods.

Rotary die cutting works within a more extensive array of materials, including materials difficult to cut for lasers. Laser die cutting can only adequately work with a small number of designated materials. Rotary die cutting processes more materials and cuts through substrates at incredibly high speeds. Laser speeds are dependent upon material choice in the cut pattern.

Rotary die cutting is an ideal choice for companies producing big runs. Rotary die cutting can handle the production of large runs more consistently, more quickly, and at a lower cost than laser die cutting.

Although incredibly consistent and accurate, laser cutting cannot work as fast as rotary die cutting. As lasers cut, they need to adjust depth and speed with each cut, whereas the shape is already built into the stamp with a rotary die.

It is often challenging to determine which type of die cutting is best without the help of a professional die cutting service. When you are ready to talk about the specifics of your project, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

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