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The Most Common PSA Types

Rotary die cutting is used to create a wide array of products. The manufacturing process is flexible, allowing manufacturers to make unique and complex parts from different materials and sizes. Of all the materials processed in a rotary die cutting machine, PSA (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives) is one of the most common. PSA is a sticky surface that is often applied to die cut products and gaskets. The adhesive nature of this material makes it ideal for join parts with only external pressure. Depending on the requirements, they can either function as a permanent or temporary fastener.

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The type and construction of PSA is diverse but can be broken down into three main chemical categories.

Silicone – this is the costliest PSA on the spectrum. It operates comfortably in temperatures reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but it does not have a strong bond strength.

Rubber - this material is the lowest cost PSA on the market, making it ideal for less critical applications.  This material is limited by resistance to temperature, and in certain cases, it can feel sticky. It is also an ideal option for assembly aids, such as holding parts together until they are mechanically fastened.

Acrylic – when it comes down to it, acrylic is the workhorse of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. Acrylic offers a comprehensive option of performance and cost, and it can safely be used for both temporary and permanent adhesive applications.

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For more information about choosing and processing PSAs, you should reach out for the best die cutting CA has to offer you.

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