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How Does Rotary Die Cutting Compared to Other Die Cutting Methods?

Rotary die cutting can be defined as an extremely versatile manufacturing process that creates, cuts, shapes, and forms products from rolled or sheet materials. Although many individuals have never heard of rotary die cutting, those same people often enjoy products and parts manufactured with these machines. Simply put, Rotary die cutting is often seen as the fastest and most consistent means of producing products and parts at a consistent rate. It is important to remember many different die cutting services, including flatbed, steel rule, and metal. Of all the die cutting services available rotary die cutting is often seen as the most versatile option.

Die Cutting Services

Using custom rotary die cutting services allows a business to achieve unparalleled uniformity when creating unique and intricate products and parts. Rotary die cutting feeds sheet materials through a dye station containing a press. A rotating cylinder with blades is used to cut materials within that system. As a result of this circular shape of the dye, it can rotate through the press at the same velocity as materials are being fed. This ensures that blades always make exact cuts in-depth, with, and length.

Besides offering high levels of uniformity and quick processing, there are many other reasons why manufacturers and engineers turn to this type of dye cutting above all others.

Die cutting produces less waste when compared to other comparable cutting methods. This is partially due to precision cutting and load tolerances. If making it to market quickly is an issue for you, you should turn to rotary die cutting because it offers some of the fastest turnaround times or similar manufacturing methods. This form of cutting is also ideal for high-volume projects that need exact consistency.

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