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The Three Most Common Applications of Rotary Die Cutting

Many people use rotary die cutting to pursue creative and crafting goals. Small, at-home die cutting machines are used to help form paper and other thin materials. Although die cutting is used for arts and crafts, forming is also an integral part of creating many parts and items we use and see daily. Rotary die cutting has wide-ranging applications that span most essential industries (aerospace, military, medical). The three most common applications of rotary die cutting, which include:

Rotary Die Cutting

Medical Applications – Tools and Wound Care

Rotary die cutting machines easily and quickly process adhesives materials, solving various everyday problems faced within the medical field. For instance, adhesive tape for medical use needs to be breathable to make it ideal for skin use. The materials also need to be pressure-sensitive and do not need any additional heat solution or solvents. Rotary die cutting machines process waterproof adhesives as well as a durable cloth tape.

Military Applications

Being in the military comes with a unique and specific set of problems (depending on the branch, location, and job function). As of 2019, there were over 400,000 brave men and women enlisted in the US Military. Adhesive thermal tape is often used to construct helmets, boots, and gloves, essential for all service members. The adhesive material also coats weapons and vehicles to prevent scratches.

Thermal Masking Applications

The aerospace industry needs to factor in cold temperatures, as well asfactories and construction zones located in fridged climates. Adhesive strips function as insulation that can easily be stuck to almost all surfaces.

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