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The Difference between Nomex and Vulcanized Fibers

Vulcanized fiber come in different grades, which are designed to produce different final products. Normally, the fiber is as thin as .0005" and can be as thick as an inch. Vulcanized fiber can be provided in various colors as well (gray, red, white, and black). Standard grade types are:

Electrical grade- this style is made with a high tolerance for electronic insulating. As a result, it is more flexible. This kind of class is commonly used for slot wedge insulation.

Commercial grade- this is the most widely used variant of vulcanized fiber, and that is the case because it combines strong physical and electrical properties.

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Vulcanized fiber is a reliable substitute for using Nomex paper. The two materials share similar physical properties (strength, formability, ambient temperature resistant). The main difference between Nomex and Volcanized fiber is that Nomex is heat-resistant, whereas vulcanized fibers are not. These fibers are only rated as a Class A, which means they can handle up to 110 degrees Celsius.

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If you need a final product that is light weight, while maintaining high mechanical strength. Vulcanized fibers might be for you. For more information about the difference between Nomex and Vulcanized fiber, give us a call today. We can easily apply rotary die cutting to both materials. Let us help you do quality die cutting and custom die cutting.

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