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Using Rotary Die Cutting California to Solve Manufacturing Problems

Die cutting in California is used in various applications across many essential industries, including aerospace, healthcare, and military. Manufacturers have many options for die cutting method. One of the most popular and commonly used die cutting methods is rotary die cutting because it is often seen as the most economical and efficient means of cutting and forming sheet materials. Rotary die cutting simplifies the lives of rocket scientists, medical professionals, and engineers.

Rotary Die Cutting

A die is a tool used to cut sheet materials into specific shapes. In most cases, dies are constructed from metal and are used to cut materials like fabrics, papers, and adhesives. Dies can also cut leather. Rotary dies are highly specialized to serve a specific purpose. These dies are cylindrical to allow them to operate in a circular motion. They cut out desired shapes around the entire cylinder. Rotary dies are incredibly efficient because they continue to process identical shapes as the die rotates.

When engineers need sheet materials that are cut to exact measurements (consistently), rotary die cutting is one of the best options to consider.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting CA is used to process adhesive materials. This production method is used to produce wound care and medical tools. Adhesive tape is one of the most used medical field tools. For the tape to be executive without damaging the skin, it must be breathable. These medical tools also need to be pressure-sensitive. Because of rotary die cutting services, no additional solvents or heat solutions are needed.

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