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Plastic Die Cutting and the Food Industry

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Plastic is all around us because of its beneficial properties. Plastic has replaced other traditional materials like wood and metal when building cars, space shuttles, and, home appliance. The possibilities available with plastic provide simple answers to manufacturing challenges.

Plastic is frequently used in the foodservice industry. It is used to help package and display food. It is also used to create napkin and condiment dispensers, food trays, and utensils. There are more plastic products found in kitchens and restaurants than just a few listed above.

  1. Plastic is used in the foodservice industry because it is easy to sanitize and clean. Food safety is paramount for any food manufacturer or distributor. In many cases, food sickness is spread as a result of improperly cleaned equipment. Plastic is also able to resist bacteria.
  2. Plastic is also used in this industry because of its strength and durability. It does not rust and plastic can be hard to dent. Plastic products can stay looking new more efficiently than most other materials.
  3. Plastic is also cheaper to produce than metal and wood, so using plastics is a great way to cut down on manufacturing costs.

Rotary Die Cutting

At Colvin Friedman, we provide plastic die cutting to the foodservice industry. We perform custom rotary die cutting, and so we can help make any product you need.

For more information about rotary die cutting and the foodservice industry, please reach out to us today.


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