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Overview of Press Mechanics and Components

To achieve smooth and effective rotary die cutting, several factors need to be considered, such as materials being cut, type of rotary die used, and length of cutting time. A vital thing that all die cutting services do is configure and set cutting machines.

Custom Die Cutting Service

Rotary die cutting is a unique style of die cutting that uses designed cylindrical dies that are affixed to rotary presses for the converting of web materials. Flexible materials are unrolled and fed into presses that hold the die and a hardened anvil cylinder. The die serves as the primary tool for cutting operations, and the anvil is the surface on which die cutting is performed. The die is compressed into the anvil which cuts web materials. Die cutting services must determine if the machine will make perforations, slits, or full-cuts. After the cut, the web is separated into discrete pieces, or it is rewound onto its original spindle.

Cylinders and webs must run at the same speed to best ensure that die cuts are adequately centered for producing consistently uniform cuts along the entire length of material. A series of gears are used to rotate dies in time with the press’s feed. When needed, we use servo motors with external controls for creating greater consistency and precision.

Custom Die Cutting Service

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