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Industries that Benefit from Plastic Die Cutting

On any given day, an individual will benefit from die cut plastic. If you use phones, computers, cars, or major housing appliances, there is a very strong possibility that you are using custom die cut plastic. The versatility and accuracy of cuts provided from dies make the process widely used throughout many different industries. Custom dies are created to properly form sheet plastic into final pieces. These final products are usually small, but they are incredibly important parts of many devices. Parts include spacers, flat shapes, gaskets, and more. Rotary die cutting can even do custom laminations of two substrates.

Plastic Die Cutting

By trusting professional rotary die cutting CA, you will be able to run a business smoothly. At Colvin Friedman, we will develop custom die cutting processes and will ship you ready to use die cut parts. This helps to not only reduce production time, but it also lowers the overall cost of manufacturing. The precession of rotary die cutting means that all parts will be 100% usable, and all scraps will be recycled and repurposed for later use.

Custom Die Cutting Service

If you need a consistently full stock of a die cut product, we at Colvin Friedman can help to make that a reality. Regardless of your industry, trust us for rotary die cutting CA.

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