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How does Rotary Die Cutting help to Save Lives?

Rotary Die Cutting

When they hear the term die cutting, many individuals immediately associate it with creating pursuits like scrapbooking. Any person can buy an at-home die cutting machine to make beautiful cutouts for a relatively small price. Graphic and interior designers can use these printers for their jobs. Although this is a popular form of die cutting, it is the least used form of die cutting. More commonly, the manufacturing process is used on a global, commercial scale that requires large machines, ample materials, and long-run times.

The most commonly used type of processing is rotary die cutting, a highly customizable means of forming sheet materials. This type of cutting is also highly accurate, which is why it is often used to make wound care and medical tools. Rotary die cutting is highly versatile and can process adhesive materials, which solves many prominent problems in the medical field. Without rotary die cutting, it would be substantially more challenging to create adhesive tape that is easy to use and breathable. Other forming methods are more labor intensive which drives up production costs for products that should be inexpensive.

The United States military utilizes rotary die cutting because it allows the government to provide all 400,000+ troops with the necessary equipment to remain safe and complete dangerous missions. Thermal adhesive tape is used on equipment like helmets and boots to keep soldiers warm. Tape is also used on weaponry to prevent external damage, such as scratching.

Rotary die cutting produces final parts that are implemented in a larger design. In some cases, the final product is done for aesthetic purposes, but in other cases, it is used to keep people safe, healthy, and alive.

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