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Top Reasons to Choose Rotary Die Cutting Over Flatbed Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting

Using a die cutting service for your business is an excellent method to create uniform shapes for your product. Regarding die cutting, there are two popular machines to choose from: flatbed and rotary die cutting. It’s important to know the differences between the two, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Rotary die cutting should be the top choice for anyone who cares about turning out quality products quickly. This type of machine has a much faster cutting speed than flatbed die cutting. If you have a high volume of orders, rotary die cutting is a no-brainer. Flatbed has a slower production rate. Additionally, the setup time for flatbed is much longer than with rotary die cutting due to the steel rule die.

If creating high-quality products every time is important to you, then you need to use rotary die cutting over flatbed. If you are working with difficult to manipulate materials, choose rotary die cutting as it can provide a level of precision that cannot be beaten. While flatbed die cutting will turn out clean and accurate cuts, they are not as precise as rotary die cutting.

Rotary die cutting also has a lot more features than flatbed. Rotary die cutting machines have the ability to print, perforate, and laminate products. They also allow for kiss cutting. Kiss cutting cuts through the main material while leaving the backing intact. This feature allows you to produce complex multi-layer custom-cut products.

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