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How are Die Cutting Services Categorized?

Die cutting is a manufacturing process that fabricates sheet material by cutting, shearing, and forming unique and custom designs and shapes. From intricate designs to simple kiss-cutting, die cutting is a versatile and effective tool for creating products and parts. Die cutting utilizes a wide range of materials to meet strict manufacturing requirements (heat shields, labels, gaskets).

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Die cutting is the overarching term for the manufacturing process, but many specific types of die cutting can perform different applications. The three main types of die cutting are rotary, flatbed, and laser die cutting. Each name represents the cutting performed, meaning that laser die cutting cuts with lasers.

Rotary die cutting is broken down into several processes, and often those processes are combined to create a unique workflow. Rotary die cutting is the most versatile of the three types of die cutting.

Part of the versatility of rotary die cutting is that it can use either flexible dies or solid dies. The option of the two allows rotary die cutting to cut and form a wide array of materials, including paper, fabric, and metal. To determine which is best for your production, you should reach out for the best die cutting service CA offers.

Partnering with a rotary die cutting company ensures that products and parts are constructed to the highest standards. Rotary die cutting is further broken down into types of cuts/forming. Three common types of rotary die cutting include:

  1. Kiss-Cutting
  2. Perforating
  3. Metal-To-Metal Cutting

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