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Types of Rotary Die Cutting and Their Applications

Rotary die cutting

Many industries widely use die cutting because it is highly customizable and efficient. The die cutting process comes in many forms to meet different demands. The two most popular types of die cutting are flatbed and rotary die cutting. Rotary die cutting comes in diverse types to create various products and parts. What are the diverse types of rotary die cutting?

First, to determine the best type of cutting, you should reach out for the best die cutting CA has to offer. Considering how customizable this type of cutting is, it is essential to plan jobs carefully. There are many considerations when determining the proper type of rotary die cutting needed for your applications.

Flexible dies are advantageous because of their costs. These dies are composed of thin sheet metals, which are affordable.

Solid dies are popular because they are long-lasting and best suited for various materials. Flexible dies have material limitations. Solid dies are also best suited for deep engravings and working with multi-layered materials.

Kiss-Cutting is best for working with lined materials. This cutting only goes through the face of the material without cutting the backing material. Materials are not separated from the web, but it is easy to remove the backing layer.

Metal-to-metal die cutting is used for both multi-layered and lined materials. This type of die cutting is customizable, which means that cuts can go through the entire materials, including the face and backing materials.

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