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Different Forming Methods of Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting

Rotary die cutting is a valuable tool for solving many manufacturing problems. These are unique cutting and forming methods that are incredibly efficient and affordable. Being customizable makes die cutting a highly sought-after forming method. From residential use (scrapbooking) to industrial applications, many types of die cutting occurs. Commercial die cutting services are highly customizable, and systems can implement several cutting and forming methods.

What are the different forms of die cutting in CA?

Bending – This is the process of deforming base materials using pressure from dies. This is often implemented for L bracket design. Dies are used to creating a 90-degree angle.

Broaching – This type of forming is most useful when working with hard/thick materials that cannot be cut by other means. Dies contain several rows of successively larger cutting teeth used to trim materials.

Coining – This stamping procedure punches circular holes into metallic materials (can cut other materials). The end goal of the process is to create exact and intricate features.

Extrusion – This forming method used pressure to force materials between an extrusion die and a punch. This process is different than coining in that the final materials take on the characteristics of the die (when compared to punch and die in combination).

Swaging – This process creates a necking down feature. This cutting uses a pressurized die that compresses materials.

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