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Top Reasons to Consider Die Cutting Services

Die cutting offers individuals an extremely versatile means of constructing, cutting, and shaping products from roll or sheet materials. Die cutting is a top choice for engineers because it is a fast and consistent manufacturing process that allows for high volume runs. To meet the increasing demand of engineers and modern technology, different cutting methods are available, including flatbed, kiss-cutting, matched metal, and rotary die cutting.

Die Cutting Services

Rotary die cutting is known as a process that takes roll material through a die station's press. The system uses a cylinder blade to cut materials. Dies rotate on the press in conjunction with the velocity of materials that are fed. This ensures that blades routinely make exact cuts. Rotating cylinder blades start the process by unrolling and feeding materials to the die rollers with help from a rotary press. Reach out for die cutting in CA, to learn the specifications for your project.

Why do so many choose rotary die cutting?

The customization possibilities found from die cutting are almost endless. Die cutting provides an unmatched level of consistency. In the end, the system consistently produces unique and detailed end products and parts. Engineers love the speed of turnaround found with die cutting.  In most cases, machines run hundreds of feet per minute. Rotary die cutting significantly increases the efficiencies in production.

Consider rotary die cutting because:

  • Die cutting creates less waste than other comparable cutting methods
  • Die cutting offers users incredibly quick turnaround times
  • High volume production rates
  • Construct small detailed parts and pieces
  • Multiple processes for a single project
  • Low-tolerance forming

Die Cutting Services

For more info on how die cutting services can benefit your business, you should not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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