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The Versatility of Rotary Die Cutting

Are you looking for versatile cutting solutions for your company? If so, custom die cutting can be your best option. Different types of die cutting exist, but of all kinds, rotary die cutting is amongst the most popular. What is rotary die cutting?

Custom Die Cutting

This style of die cutting utilizes custom made (cylindrical) dies and a rotary press to convert an array of material into final pieces. The cylinders press against the anvil cylinder’s surface, which cuts out shapes from the raw material. With rotary die cutting, it is possible to create almost any form, including both perforations and slits. Rotary cutting produces finished parts and subassemblies.

Rotary die cutting is a versatile cutting solution. It is excellent for small run prototyping, as well as medium to large production volumes. This type of cutting offers high-output rotary presses that are capable of meeting customer demands.

When considering rotary die cutting, it is also crucial to think about flexible and solid dies. Flexible dies are traditionally less expensive than a solid die. The flexible style of die is constructed from thin sheets of metal instead of a solid cylinder, and as a result, they are less expensive to manufacture.

Although there are many benefits associated with flexible dies, the solid variant is still heavily used for custom die cutting operations. Because solid dies are made from a wider variety of metals than flexible dies, solid dies allow for more customization in terms of design and application.

Custom Die Cutting

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