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Material Options and Considerations for Die Cutting

It is essential to take the time to understand die cutting methods and material selections. Plastics, rubbers, and films can all be processed by different die cutting methods. Die cutting is known as an effective method of shaping materials that have relatively low structural integrity (fiberboard and paper). Die cutting can easily shape these materials with consistent accuracy. Final products of die cutting are primarily influenced by the chosen material for cutting.

Custom Die Cutting

The most standard die cutting materials all have low structural strength relative to other materials. Although there are many material options, the two most used materials are plastic films and plastic. Thin metal sheets, foam, fiber, and rubber are also materials that can be die cut.

When thinking about material options, the hardness of the material is significant because it impacts the method of die cutting. For instance, harder materials are processed with flat bed die cutting. Flat bed cutting allows for a large amount of force when cutting as compared to rotary die cutting. The simplest method of die cutting is flat bed die cutting. It is ideal for situations where a large amount of material needs to be cut within a tight timeframe. It is also considered a very flexible and versatile cutting solution, and as such, it can be used with virtually any type of material.

Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting offers manufacturers a cutting method that provides high volume outputs. For more information on the best die cutting CA has to offer, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.


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