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Learning about Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape is a very beneficial material even though most people do not know what it is. PSA is considered one of the major categories of adhesive tapes. Custom Die cutting ServiceFinal products are thin and flexible when compared to other adhesive materials. Depending on the design requirements, tapes can be double or single sided. PSA tape will safely stick to most substrates (if the surface is dry and clean). Pressure sensitive tape does not need extra materials or processes for the tape to work. Some adhesive strips require solvent or water to make tapes stick. A bond created by these materials is always influenced by the total amount of pressure that is applied to the surface of the adhesive.

PSAs are frequently used because they offer users a multitude of benefits. Advantages of this tape include:

  • Thin and light materials (smaller and lighter than counterparts)
  • Creates bonds with dissimilar surfaces with no compatibility problems
  • Dramatically reduces the time for assembly
  • Creates dampening for both noise and vibration
  • Gives final products a uniform thickness
  • Substantially reduces the need for final surface refinishing
  • Gets rid of visible fasteners, which heightens cosmetic superiority

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To achieve all the benefits above, it is crucial to pick the correct adhesive for your tape. There are three common types, which include:

  1. Adhesives that are made with acrylic polymers have long-term aging and can resist environmental factors and chemical solvents.
  2. Rubber variants are either made of natural or synthetic rubbers. They are formulated with different resins, anti-oxidants, and oils. This type is the most cost-effective PSA on the market. Do not use rubber for high-heat applications.
  3. Silicone bonds work best when placed on a silicone substrate. They have a low initial tack, but this comes at a higher price than other PSAs. Silicone is unmatched in high heats.

We do custom die cutting on PSA materials. Give us a call to see how our die cutting services can benefit you and your business.

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