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Understanding the Differences Between Rotary and Steel Rule Die Cutting Service

When it comes to commercial die cutting solutions, you have options to consider. Different die cutting methods exist to meet the specific needs of a vast clientele. Learning more about your options will allow you to make better decisions when it comes time to implement a design. Below we want to talk about the differences between the two most popular types of die cutting (Rotary die cutting services and steel rule die cutting services).

Die Cutting Services

Rotary die cutting is the most commonly used die cutting method around. It is highly recommended for large quantity runs. The set-up fee is higher than when working with a steel rule die, but the saving during manufacturing makes up for the high initial cost. Rotary die cutting offers the quickest turnaround time of any die cutting method. Besides speed, rotary die cutting boasts high levels of uniformity in final products. Reach out for the best die cutting in CA for more information about rotary die cutting.

Steel rule die cutting services utilize a custom steel tool that punches shapes into a flat, sheet material. When using this type of die cutting, three major components are involved (rubber ejector, cutting edge, and die board. To operate the die, materials must be fed into the stamping tool. The tool causes the material to break along designated cutting edges. Many individuals turn to this type of cutting because it is accurate, simple, and only requires low tooling costs.

Die Cutting Services

For more information about these two types of die cutting, or any other, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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