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Understanding What Kiss-Cutting Services Offer

For die cutting to work, custom dies are created for specific needs. Dies are constructed from hardening metal shapes that are capable of cutting rubber, cloth, paper, and other low-strength materials. Depending on the need for the die, they can be designed to cut through single or multiple layers of materials. The equipment is outfitted with various dies to make the most of the cutting process. The addition of dies increases the manufacturing capacity for crafting stickers, labels, tapes, and more. The die cutting process reduces waste because leftover materials can be recycled. Die cutting service in CA greatly minimizes wasted materials, which is excellent for your wallet and the environment.

Die Cutting Services

Kiss cutting is a type of die cutting that is used for creating a variety of stamps, stickers, and labels. This cutting method is similar to die cutting, but with kiss-cutting, the cut does not fully penetrate the bottom layer/liner of the cut material. If you have ever used pressure-sensitive adhesive, you have benefited from the kiss-cutting process.

Die Cutting Services

Kiss-cutting is highly reliable and quick, which allows businesses to acquire economical parts and pieces that are precut around the perimeter of the shape. Ultimately, final cuts are meant for peeling and applying. Die cutting services can help you outline and complete kiss-cutting and die cutting projects.

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