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Common Applications of Kiss-Cutting

Kiss cutting is a common and popular version of die cutting services. This cutting process involves the use of dies to make shallow cuts in the top layer of laminated materials. Once finished, materials are left with the upper portion of the laminate affixed to a liner that is easy to remove. Think about how easy it is to pull the backing off a stamp or a sticker. Kiss-cutting makes this possible.

Die Cutting Services

Typically, kiss-cutting is done with the use of a die, although in some cases, lasers are used. Laser kiss-cutting is more expensive, and so individuals tend to rely on die cutting services. Dies can cut most flat and thin materials, such as felt, plastic, cork, and adhesive-backed paper. Kiss-cutting is known to offer users incredibly high tolerances to stay true to accuracy determined by the user. This cutting method is also used for large-run products.  For the best die cutting service CA has, you should give us a call.

Although kiss-cutting is most commonly used when making stickers and labels, this method of cutting also has other benefits. For instance, this type of cutting is used in packaging, industrial, automotive, and other applications. Common kiss-cut parts include seals, pressure relief valves, acoustic insulation, and filters.

Die Cutting Services

The typical material thickness that works for kiss cutting ranges from 0.002” to 3/8”. With only a single stroke, cuts can be made up to 20 inches long and 16 inches across. The smaller the products, the higher the degree of accuracy during cutting.

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