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The Capabilities of Rotary Die Cutting

Is your business using the capabilities of rotary die cutting? Simply put, it is a versatile process of fabricating sheet materials that are suitable for cutting labels, multi-layered parts, and gaskets. We can process a wide range of thin materials that includes plastic, metal, foam, paper, laminates, and plastics. Manufacturers and businesses alike use rotary die cutting because it offers them a wide range of cutting and forming capabilities.

Die Cutting CA

Kiss Cutting: this cutting is used for lined materials. The cutting processes only cut through the top layer, which leaves the backing intact. They are designed to pull the top layer away from the back (like a sticker).

Perforating: this die cutting was designed to be held in place on the web material. A series of punched-in holes attach it. Like kiss cutting, the design is not fully separated from the back material. Materials have perforated lines that make them easy to detach from the other material.

Metal-to-metal die cutting: this type of die cutting is performed on lined and multi-layered materials. When cutting is finished, designs are fully separated from the web.

For complex designs, a rotary die cutting press employs multiple cutting dies and stations. This setup allows for custom operations to be added to a single process.

Die Cutting CA

The Benefits of using the best die cutting CA has to offers include:

  • It is uniform and consistent
  • It reduces material waste
  • It can produce high volumes of products
  • It offers a quick turnaround time


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