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Two Common Types of Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is an efficient and economical fabrication process that converts materials by forming, shearing, and cutting sheet materials into custom designs and shapes. Die cutting is an incredibly customizable and versatile process suitable for processing a large array of sheet materials. The process is used to create heat shields, gaskets, and labels.

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To meet the everchanging demands of modern business, several types of die cutting processes are used. The die cutting process's name indicates how the system processes materials, For instance, flatbed die cutting using a press, and a flatbed die to process materials. Of all the types of die cutting used, rotary die cutting is amongst the most commonly used.

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To get the most from rotary die cutting, several factors are taken into account. These include the configuration of cutting machines and updating settings. The material being processed also determines how rotary die cutting is performed.

Common Rotary Die Cutting Types

  • Solid dies work perfectly for abrasive and thick materials. They also process materials with a multi-layered construction. Solid dies can create deeper engravings than other dies. Their benefits can be seen when processing high-volume production runs.
  • Flexible dies boast inexpensive costs when compared to solid dies. Flexible dies are created using thin sheets of material. These dies are produced quickly and in large quantities. These dies are not considered as versatile as solid dies, but they do offer processes that solid dies do not.

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