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What Industries Utilize Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is the right option for many projects because this forming process is highly customizable. There are many benefits manufactures experience when implementing the best die cutting CA has to offer. Below, we want to highlight three important sectors that utilize rotary die cutting in unique and important ways. Rotary die cutting is used for a wide range of applications. Some of the most common uses include:

Rotary Die Cutting Medical Tools

Rotary die cutting processes adhesive materials that solve a wide variety of problems that plague the medical field. No hospital or doctor's office is complete without medical adhesive tape because it is versatile for different solutions. These tapes are breathable, which makes them ideal for placement on the skin. The adhesive material is also pressure-sensitive, which means there is no need for extra solvents or heat solutions.

Military Industry

The brave men and women defending our country rely on rotary die cutting solutions. These individuals need the highest quality gear because of the dangerous and important work they do. Die cut, adhesive tape is used to make helmets, gloves, and even boots. It is also used to coat tanks and assault rifles to ensure that surfaces do not get scratched. Our troops are known to go to harsh environments, so adhesive thermal tapes are used to protect gear.

Thermal Masking

Cold temperatures create problems for many industries. As temperatures drop, it becomes hard for machines to function properly. Thermal masking tape provides amazing insulation advantages. This material can adhere to almost any surface, including machinery and car windshields. This type of masking is also used in building walls where work takes place. The masking keeps machines and people functional in cold temperatures.

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