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Tips for Determining Die Cutting Project Requirements

Die cutting is often used to make, form, and shape plastic, rubber, and foam materials. The first step in evaluating die cutting project requirements is determining the die cutting method that best fits the job. Flatbed and rotary die cutting are the two most popular options. Both cutting methods have distinct benefits, and so they should not be used interchangeably. Reaching out for the best die cutting CA has will help you narrow down your options and create the perfect forming process.

Rotary Die Cutting

What is the difference between the two types of die cutting?

Rotary Die Cutting

This is a highly accurate cutting method that is incredibly cost-effective when running high-volume orders. When finished, rotary die cutting produces less waste when compared to other similar forming methods. A roll of sheet material is fed into the cutting machine, where the material passes through the rolling die. Cuts are made into desired shapes, and the waste is caught in a catcher. Rotary die cutting holds high tolerances and is perfect for kiss-cutting, whereas flatbed dies cutting is not.

Flatbed Die Cutting

This forming process stamps a shape out of materials using a steel rule die and a hydraulic press. This forming method is great for removing holes and web removal. This cutting offers quick changeovers times that increase the efficiency of production. These systems are ideal for general cutting purposes and low-volume orders. It would help if you used flatbed die cutting when you need a cost-effective option.

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