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Top Considerations for Choosing Die Cutting CA

Even though most people do not know about the die cutting process and what it is, rotary die cutting produces items we come across daily. Because of the varying degree of products produced with die cutting CA, many variations need to be accounted for during the production process. Die cutting is a general term; there are different types of die cutting. Each cutting method offers pros and cons, so it is important to choose the right type of cutting based on specific application needs.

Die Cutting CA

Even after choosing a cutting method, several other considerations still need to be made. For instance, rotary die cutting uses either a solid or a flexible die. Both types, like die cutting methods, offer different perks. The best die cutting CA has to offer can help you narrow down your options based on your needs.

A FLEXIBLE DIE is constructed from sheets of thin steel. The material is folded around the magnetic rotary die. These dies cover more material than solid dies, making them great for liner cutting of label jobs. Flexible die cutting covers the most common of converting projects.

Die Cutting CA

A SOLID DIE is made from solid steel, and it is often used for long-run applications. Because they are made from a solid piece of steel, they are long-lasting and reliable. Unlike a flexible die, solid dies are ideal for converting challenging and difficult materials. For instance, these dies convert thick materials that a flexible die cannot.

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