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Most Common Applications of Kiss Cutting

When shopping for custom die cutting services in CA, you should always make sure they can help you with rotary die cutting and kiss cutting. Both services are essential for shaping a lot of flat and web materials. The best die cutting CA has should also have kiss cutting capabilities.

Custom Die Cutting Service

Custom Die Cutting Service

Kiss cutting is like die cutting, but a kiss cut is more akin to perforation than a full cut. Die cutting cuts entirely through the material, whereas kiss cutting cuts only through the top layer. The upper portion of the material is affixed to the liner, and it is easy to remove. Think about removing a sticker or stamp from its backing. Manufacturers choose custom die cutting services because it is both efficient and fast. The process can be done on a wide array of materials. Kiss cutting has high tolerances, and it is excellent for quick turnaround times with high accuracy

Typical applications of kiss cutting include:

  • The most common use of kiss cutting includes kiss cut labels and kiss cut stickers. Kiss cutting machines carefully cut into materials that have an adhesive back. The shape created can easily be lifted and placed on appropriate surfaces.
  • Kiss cutting is used for making products found in cars and packaging. It is common to find kiss cutting being used to manufacture pressure relief valves, filters, and acoustic insulation.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is the process of cutting or perforating a desired shape out of flexible material using a rotary press. Rotary die-cutting is a special kind of die cutting that uses a cylindrical die to cut shapes out of material.