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Choosing Quality Die Cutting over Alternative Methods

To create exact shapes and forms, one must utilize tools that will make the process easy. Several methods can be used to cut shapes and forms from sheet materials, but not all processes are the same. Choosing the correct method for your needs can help to save you time and money, while also getting you the cut products you need.

Quality Die Cutting

The three most frequently used methods of cutting are:

  • Die Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Hand Cutting (Utility knife or scissor)


Out of the three above-listed methods, die cutting is used most. Die cutting has the most benefits while also having only a few cons. The other methods have more cons than pros. For instance, Laser cutting is expensive, timely, and produces more waste product when compared to die cutting. Hand cut goods will never have uniformity, which is something all die cut products will have.

There are few times where one might consider lasers over die cutting, and that would be for detailed and intricate shapes in thick materials. For all other cuts, die cutting is the way to go.

Quality Die Cutting

If you have any further questions about die cutting and how to get custom die cut parts, call us at Colvin-Friedman today.

Colvin-Friedman is a recognized leading manufacturer of high quality die cutting and custom die cut parts. Quality control begins when we receive your die cutting order and continues through product delivery.

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