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Although die cutting processes change from job to job, in all systems, die cutting converts sheet materials through a combination of shearing, cutting, and forming to create a final design. Die cutting is widely seen as a versatile and customizable process utilized in a wide range of applications and industries. Individuals come across many die cut parts (heat shields, circuit boards, labels, and stickers.

Rotary Die Cutting

There are several die cutting processes used to fulfill the wide-ranging demands of manufacturers. The three most popular types of die cutting include rotary, flatbed, and laser. The name used for each process is descriptive of how that die cutting process works. For instance, a rotary die cutting machine uses a circular rotary die that spins and cuts in a continuous motion.

Rotary die cutting can process a wide range of designs with high levels of accuracy and speed. The design is engraved onto the rotary die, which means that die cutting is great for long-run products. The precision of this cutting greatly reduces material waste because die cutting is done in tight spaces.

Another benefit of rotary die cutting is that these dies are interchangeable. Engineers can replace the system with a different die. This capability reduces downtime between the production of different designs. With multiple rotary dies, a single system can process different final parts.

Rotary Die Cutting

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