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When Should You Use Solid Rotary Dies?

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Die cutting services are widely used because of their effectiveness and versatility. Since no two jobs are the same, die cutting is highly customized to meet exact needs. One of the considerations made during the design process is choosing between solid and flexible dies. Both types of dies have advantages and disadvantages.

Solid rotary cutting is commonly used, although it is not as frequently used as flexible dies. Although flexible dies have greatly improved over the years, specific jobs only work with solid rotary dies. For instance, a solid die is ideal for working with abrasive and thick materials. It can efficiently work with multi-layered constructions. They are also the best for high-volume runs because their solid design is reliable.

One major drawback of a flexible die is the materials it can be designed from. Flexible rotary dies are greatly limited in the material they can be constructed from. On the other hand, a solid die has more options for construction. Having a wider choice of material options allows for better customization and versatility. Die cutting is a leading choice because it does deeper engravings while having a high die blade height. Solid dies can effectively cut thick and multi-layered materials.

Not only are solid dies long-lasting and durable, but they are also ideal for extensive use and high-speed turnaround. This is important to remember when considering costs associated with solid dies. Solid dies are more expensive than flexible dies, but there is a good reason why that is the case.

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