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Die cutting CA includes several different types of die cutting. Knowing the difference between each type ensures that you hire the correct service for your specific manufacturing job. Die cutting is incredibly flexible, which means that no two die cutting methods should be used interchangeably. Below, we want to highlight the differences between the two most common die-cutting types: rotary die cutting and flatbed die cutting.

Rotary Die Cutting

Flatbed die cutting is a process that uses a fixed, flat base that has a moveable head. Cutting dies are created from sharp strips (steel rule) bent into a design that matches the product or part being produced. Flatbed die cutting machines work like stamps in that the movable head presses the die into the material to make a cut and mold. Raw materials are fed across three bases as the head and die press down. Because of the vertical motion of the die, the system can process larger materials than rotary die cutting. However, because each part needs to be stamped, the process is not quick.

Rotary die cutting is substantially quicker than flatbed die cutting because a rotary die continually moves. Designs are created on a cylinder that spins and forms as sheet material is passed through the system. Because of its design, a rotary die can perform multiple functions within a single process cycle. Therefore, it would help if you considered using rotary die cutting when fabricating multilayer parts.

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