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Choosing the Right Die Cutting Method

Die cutting is a fabrication process that is highly versatile for forming sheet materials. Specialized machines and tools are used to convert stock materials through cutting, shearing, bending, and forming. Although used to create a wide range of parts and products, the forming process is used to make stickers and labels for products and packaging.

Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is considered a broad term in that there are many different methods and styles of die cutting. Each type is different and, as a result, should not be used interchangeably. Picking the right die cutting style for your application and design can be difficult, so you should consider reaching out for the best die cutting California has to offer your business.

To get the most from die cutting California, you should have a basic understanding of the most common types of die cutting. Below, we want to highlight the most popular die cutting methods.

Rotary Die Cutting – this type of die cutting is considered the most versatile cutting method for processing an array of materials. This die cutting method is used to produce intricate cuts that cannot be replicated in other die cutting methods.

Flatbed Die Cutting – this cutting method utilizes a hydraulic press to stamp shapes in sheet materials. It would help if you used this method of forming when running low-volume projects and producing larger-sized products. Flatbed die cutting can also process thick materials (1/8” thick).

Rotary Die Cutting