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What’s new in Die Cutting?

Carrier Tape is used in Die Cutting. One such example is a liner coated with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. When laminated to plastic, metal, or other materials, the tape securely anchors the products substrate. Here is where you see the value of the tapes unique characteristics. The tape will eliminate distortion during rotary die cutting. The tapes adhesive side gives you a low peel resistance. This low peel resistance will allow die cut parts to be removed from the tape without adhesive residue. Another benefit from using the Carrier Tape is there is no substrate distortion.

The tape commonly comes with a 2 mil liner but many others are available. The tapes come in varying tensile strengths. The tensile strength of the tape helps to resist cracking or breaking during the rotary die cutting process. 

Multiple Roll Die Cutting

rotary die cuttingThere are Die Cutting machines being built that can handle the demand for multiple unwinds and rewinds with differential spindles which can handle delicate materials such as nonwovens or materials with significant stretch.. These machines incorporate well-engineered components to give the technician precise control. These Die Cutting machines can be modularized to meet the specific requirements of any customers project.

Rotary Die Cutting

These Multi input, multi-station machines can handle the most demanding applications. They can utilize low-tension pull to avoid stretching or tearing the material. Adding optical registration allows for precise station to station or material to die positioning. Finished product can be automatically conveyed, counted, sorted and packed or rewound for automated delivery in your assembly process.

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