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Where Can You See Die Cutting in Everyday Life?

If you are looking for examples of die cutting in your everyday life you will not need to look very far. As we have seen in an earlier article postage stamps are one example. However, there are many more examples of die cut products that you will run across. For example when you see lettering in a store window or a plastic washer, these are examples of die cutting. If you have ever used a plastic or manila file folder these too are die cut products

In addition any label, printed or plain, pressure sensitive sticker like those young children collect or hook and loop dots or squares are all the result of die cutting. If you look at product packaging in your local food market or hardware store chances are there are die cut components. When you see a shaped air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror in a car that too is a die cut product. If you open the hood in that very same car you will find many die cut gaskets in the engine.

custom die cuttingCraft companies frequently use die cutting to help make their products. One specific craft is scrapbooking. Crafters want to use embellishments and other decorations to make their themes and page layouts and craft companies supply many die cut products such as the proverbial “gold star” to assist them. In fact crafters themselves frequently use very small manually operated die cutters with standard dies to do their own die cutting of shapes for their hobby.

In the medical field there are many examples of die cut products. The most recognizable is surely the Band-Aids found in almost every medicine cabinet. The electrode patches your doctor uses to perform an EKG or to administer electro-stimulation during physical therapy are also complex die cut components. Many orthopedic braces contain die cut components as well.

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There are many other places that you will encounter the results of the die cutting process but for the most part people don't recognize it when they see it. Maybe now that you know what to look for you will notice how many shaped flat products made from a multitude of materials you run across every day.

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