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Die cutting has a long history that dates to the mid-19th century. It was first created to streamline the shoe-making process, but since its inception, the manufacturing process has grown and changed. Die cutting was used to create the soles of shoes, which helped manufacturers save time, effort, and money. Another perk is that footwear finally has standardization, meaning that shows could be made to exact and specific sizes. Before die cutting, each show was made by hand, meaning each show has its unique imperfections. Die cutting is still used to manufacture shoes, but it is used to create so much more than that. Manufacturers use die cutting to create products, such as:

Rotary Die Cutting

Stickers and Labels – die cutting creates a wide range of labels and stickers for clothing and other products. Kiss-cutting makes a partial cut through a material, allowing users to remove backing quickly and effectively. Die cutting can effectively process pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Bag Handles – rotary die cutting creates handles used for purses, totes, and lunch boxes. Die cutting offers a stylish way to make comfortable handles for carrying.

Party Decorations – party hats, banners, and decor are often made with die cutting machines.  Custom die cutting allows for the quick creations of unique products.

Packaging – because of home shipping and deliveries, manufacturers, more than ever, need industrial die cutters to help build boxes. Much of the cardboard packaging used to store food products are created in part with the help of custom die cutting.

Rotary Die Cutting

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