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What are Common Die Cutting Services?

Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting services are robust and extensive, a significant manufacturing process for forming web and sheet materials. Almost all industries use this form, from medical to commercial products, because it is affordable, accurate, and highly customizable. Rotary die cutting services are ideal for long-run and fast-paced buildings. You can quickly put out a lot of high-quality parts. Die cutting services is a general term because many diverse types of cutting are mixed and matched for custom jobs. In short, die cutting is a term used for several cutting, bending, and forming processes. Designers pick the most practical processes per several manufacturing factors:

  • Material
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Design

There are many forms of die cutting services, but the three most common are digital, rotary, and flatbed cutting. As mentioned above, the type of cutting depends on the project’s specific requirements. Flatbed die cutting is often seen as the most minimally complex forming method and is most often implemented when several parts need processing in a brief period. It boasts low cost and versatility.

Rotary die cutting is the most used means of die cutting because it rapidly produces a high volume of parts in an exceptionally accurate way. Rotary die cutting also offers added benefits of cutting through multiple layers with ease and exactness.

What was initially invented as a means of standardizing and streamlining the shoe manufacturing industry in the 19th century has grown into a robust and complex manufacturing process used in various products. Die cutting services allow companies to manufacture high-quality products and parts for a fraction of the cost of other similar forming processes.

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