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Tips for Starting the Die Cutting Service Process

Die Cutting ServicesDie cutting services are not black and white because they are a highly unique and customizable manufacturing process. Before any production begins, a detailed needs assessment must be accounted for. With the requirements understood, you can create a customized die cutting process.

Many factors need to be considered before beginning custom die cutting services. The first thing todo is to carefully and thoroughly review all requirements (in and out). Only once you know your needs will die cutting services be able to customize an optimal cutting/forming plan.

Once all product factors are known, the next step is determining the type of die used for forming. Several options are available, all of which have merits, but the two most popular are flatbed and rotary die cutting. The two processes are different enough that they should not be used interchangeably. The benefits of rotary die cutting are often lost when moving to flatbed cutting (and vice versa).

Below, we are going to highlight the key characteristics and differences between flatbed and rotary cutting:

All flatbed cutting machines have a fixed, flat base and a movable head. A flatbed die is often created from sharp metal strips (steel rule). The metal is carefully bent to match the shape, size, and profile of the part/product being produced.

When to use flatbed die cutting services?

  • Processing thick materials
  • Materials only sold in sheet form
  • Small, short-run orders
  • Cost-effective option

Rotary die cutting is a high-speed process that boasts excellent tolerances and accuracy. Of the two types, the rotary variant offers more variety for the final parts.

When to use rotary die cutting service?

  • Processing thin materials
  • Large orders
  • When kiss-cutting is also needed
  • Complex shapes and designs

Determining the right cutting method for your goals should be based solely on your requirements, which is why rotary die cutting is not better than flatbed: they are different and should be used accordingly. Please call our team today for more information on which cutting method is best for you.

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