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Industries That Benefit From Rotary Die Cut Adhesives

Rotary die cutting

One popular use for rotary die cutting is die cut adhesives. Die cut adhesives have many benefits, such as simplifying a complex process and fewer product errors. The process is completed in a single line of steps which saves hours of production time.

Many industries benefit from rotary die cutting in CA. Let’s go over popular applications for this process.

Automotive Die Cut Adhesives

Large quantities of die cut adhesive parts are used in an automobile’s construction. The precision and speed of rotary die cutting provide an efficient solution to common problems found in automotive production. Consumer-based vehicles are built to last long-term, so it’s essential that adhesives do not wear out with time. Thankfully die cut adhesives are durable. Some common automotive adhesives are:

  • Hole covers
  • Gaskets and sealing
  • Transit protection
  • Surface protection
  • EV solutions
  • Paint masking/masking kits

Consumer Goods

Die cutting’s history is based on consumer goods products. Die cut adhesives can be produced at different scales while remaining identical. There is minimal error when manufacturing die cut adhesives. Rotary die cutting is used for a multitude of consumer goods, including but not limited to:

  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Book cover surface protectors
  • Decals

Medical Die Cut Adhesives

The consistency of die cut adhesives is essential in the medical field. Die cut adhesives are created to conform to the shape of a person’s skin. Die cut adhesives allow for breathability and make it easy to remove. Medical die cut adhesives are made to cover a device, move fluid, stick a device to the skin, and more.

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