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Steel Rule Die Cutting or Compound Die Cutting

Knowing the difference between different types of die cutting can help you have a conversation with professional die cutters. This can help you make the smart decision between the type of die cutting that you and your business implement. Two common types of die cutting are steel rule die cutting and compound die cutting.  Die Cutting ServicesBoth types of die cutting share similarities, and so without knowledge of the two it is easy to get confused. Below we will clarify the differences between the two and when you would want to use one over the other.

When looking at the difference between the two types of die cutting, it is easy to see the expensive and the inexpensive option. A compound die is more costly to create than its counterpart. There are clear reasons as to why a compound die is more expensive than a steel rule die. This is because a compound die can:

Last for the entire life of a cutting program. A steel rule die must be reruled several times when producing high volumes of final products.

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Cut through heavy/thick materials. Steel rule dies work best with thin, sheet materials.

Sheer materials for reduced bunching at edges. Steel rule dies displace materials.

Steel rule die and rotary die cutting are both more popular and frequently used than compound die cutting. Ask a professional die cutter which option is right for you.

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