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Standard Capabilities of Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting offers many benefits that cannot be replicated with other cutting methods. In short, die cutting services is affordable, effective, and fast-paced. From home use to major commercial applications, rotary die cutting is often used. This fabrication process converts material by forming and cutting sheet materials. Die cutting safely and effectively shears materials into custom designs and shapes.

Rotary die cutting is commonly used because it is a forming process that employs multiple capabilities in one process. This is one of the reasons why rotary die cutting has a quick turnaround time because multiple processes happen within a single machine. Some of the most sought-after cutting capabilities include:

Kiss-Cutting – this type of forming is like cutting without entirely tearing through the material being cut. Kiss-cutting aims to cut without completely cutting through the material. A sticker is the most common example of kiss-cutting: they have a backing that can quickly be taken off. There are many other applications that kiss-cutting helps with, including for the medical and military industries.
Perforating – This forming aims to keep web materials in place with punched-in holes. Like kiss-cutting, the backing is left intact and can easily be detached.
Metal-to-metal – this rotary die cutting is used for multilayered and lined materials. This cutting goes through the entire material, which includes the face, backing, and adhesive.

Die cutting services are highly customizable, and as a result, it is one of the most used cutting and forming methods available today. It is a reliable, effective, quick, and customizable means of forming sheet materials.

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