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Rotary Die Cutting

The die cutting process dates back nearly 200 years. It can be traced back to the early industrial revolution. At this time, die cutting systems utilized a punch to press holes into leather and other materials. It is important to keep in mind that this was done manually. What started off as a process to help shoemakers create uniform products at a fast pace, is now utilized by a wide array of industries: from medical to personal. Technology utilized by these systems continues to evolve and grow, which allows many advantages for manufacturing. die cutting is a highly customizable form of processing sheet materials.

Die cutting is a general term for a process, but how manufacturers get through it differs depending on the job. For instance, rotary die cutting is best suited for certain applications, whereas flatbed die cutting is better in other circumstances. The first part of the die cutting process is creating a custom process and custom dies.

Die cutting is an affordable manufacturing process when compared to other similar means of cutting and forming materials. Savings become more apparent when processing bulk orders. This cutting method is also highly flexible, which means that many different materials can be processed (including wood and metal). This makes rotary die cutting services a widely used manufacturing process.

Die cutting only works with thin materials, which means that it is not always the ideal forming method. Flatbed die cutting systems can process thicker materials than a rotary press, but the materials still must be relatively thin.

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