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Rotary Die Cutting

There are many unique benefits to using die cutting services in California. Die cutting comes in a wide variety of possibilities, including rotary die cutting, flatbed die cutting, and laser die cutting. Each type of die cutting has different performance characteristics that allow each type to complete similar but different tasks. One of the most prized aspects of rotary die cutting is its ability to kiss-cut. In short, kiss cutting utilizes a rotary die cutting machine to cut materials only partially, which leaves the backing material intact and quickly ready to remove. Before diving into a kiss cutting job, it is essential to recognize that perforation selections need to be made. Most commonly, an individual could refer to the perforation selection chart to understand their options. There are five main styles of perforation that an individual can choose from. These include:

3-4 (TPI): This type of perforation is ideal when documents need to be detached safely and efficiently from other sections. The ties on this perforation size are very loose, which is not ideal for extended periods.

5-6 (TPI): The 5 to 6 variant has more ties per inch than the 3 to 4 variants. It is essential to recognize that they are still loose, and this is ideal for a document that will be intact for more extended periods.

7-10 (TPI): The 7 to 10 variant is ideal for documents that need to stay intact until ready to be detached. This type of perforation is often the most common selection for the process of producing documents.

11-14 (TPI): This durable perforation is more substantial than the above, so it is often used with heavier stock paper to produce magazines.

16-17 (TPI) because this perforation is the strongest, individuals often need to bend papers several times before detaching.

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