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Production Techniques and Tool Types

The tolerances of die cutting are determined by part features, materials type, tool types, and production techniques. Professional die cutters will also consider turnaround times, total costs, and design specifications. Custom Die cutting ServicesWe handle each of our die cutting jobs on a custom basis, meaning that we create die cutting tolerances based off your application’s exact needs.

We work with a wide assortment of material types to create custom die cut gaskets or other specialty parts. Materials offer different properties, which can either contribute to or harm production. Our team will help you work through environmental variables that could potentially affect the physical dimensions of finished parts.

We also watch for material distortions that occur during the cutting process. Irregularities are possible, such as concavities or beveling distortions. We make considerations for the bevel design of the blade, which will significantly minimize beveling.

To meet the tight demands of our clients, we utilize a wide array of tooling types and techniques for production. Our central two systems are rotary die and steel rule die cutting machines. They offer high tonnage presses, with high-speed punching. We utilize different components, like solid milled dies, male/female dies, rotary dies, and etched dies, to complete specific cutting jobs. Each of the above tools offers users distinct pros and cons. Our talented team will help you create a custom die cutting process based on your needs.

Die Cutting Services

Many factors go into creating beautiful and functional die cut parts. We offer complete die cutting services, which means that we design and implement die cutting processes that work for you. Call us today, for custom die cutting services.

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