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A successful manufacturer must always be searching for ways to increase the overall efficiency of their product line. In this article, we will discuss how die cutting technologies can provide consistent, high-quality pieces that are inexpensive and quickly made. Our team utilizes different materials, methods, and machines to fit the manufacturing needs of our clients (regardless of their industry).Die Cutting Service CA

We can add easy to remove liners or pull tabs to die cut parts. Adding these features will reduce production time. If workers are responsible for pulling off backings, they will be able to do their job quicker. On average, personnel that is removing die cut parts from liners save .50 seconds, which does not seem like much. When you multiply that by all the parts over a year, numbers begin to add up.

Not only will easily removable backings help to save time, but it will keep workers happier. Personnel that is faced with repetitive jobs benefit from making their routine less taxing on their body. Trying to get backings off for prolonged periods of time can lead to issues with the hand, fingers, and joints. Pull tabs significantly reduce this risk of injury. A happier/healthier worker is usually a diligent worker.

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Our kiss-cutting technology also helps to speed up production time and save manufacturers money. Our die cutting services will help your business. Call today to discuss your custom die cutting job.


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