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Is Material Selection Important for Rotary Die Cutting

To meet the wide-ranging demands of different industries, die cutting manufacturers offer a variety of forming solutions. No two solutions are the same, and so reaching out for the best die cutting CA has to offer allows you to custom create cut materials.

Rotary Die Cutting

The die cutting process is suitable for many industries and applications, which is largely due to many material options available to manufacturers. Rotary die cutting can safely and effectively process paper, plastic, foam, wood, composite, and fabrics. The material choice you make is the largest determining factor for the die cutting method that is implemented. The first step in creating a custom die cutting process is first to consider and pick a material.

The flatbed die cutting process is often used to convert both roll and sheet materials. It is important to keep in mind that a material’s thickness and compressibility determine the geometry and design of a die. Flatbed dies are used for these materials because the cutting process exerts greater force than other dies. When you need to cut through thick materials effectively, flatbed die cutting is the right option for you.

When processing web materials, rotary die cutting is typically the best option available. Cutting materials with a rotary die requires accurate die designs and consistent cutting pressure. Material choices also influence whether a solid or flexible die would be best suited for a forming application.

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For more information on custom solutions, you should reach out for the best die cutting CA has to offer.

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