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Different Types of Die Cutting

The term die cutting is thrown around loosely, but there are different ways of going about doing this sort of cutting. There are five major ways of doing die cutting, and each of the different ways has its pros and cons.

There is something called rotary die cutting. The main part of the machine has a cylindrical anvil and a die that is made from one piece of tool steel. The machine feeds material through it while making cuts to modify the substrate. Rotary die cutting works great for tight tolerance, high volume or complex die cutting requirements. It allows for a job to be repeated quickly while minimizing waste. It is also known for its ability to do kiss cutting.

Another type of die cutting is called flat-bed die cutting. These machines have a die that is raised or lowered into the plastic being cut. A flat table supports all this. Usually the machine will incorporate hydraulic, electric, or other pressurized lifting systems. The machine can either do a single cut or the machine can be set up to cut multiple layers.

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Flatbed die cutting is used to stamp shapes with a steel rule die. This sort of cutting has benefits that are seen most when working with heavier gauge plastics. It is particularly suited to larger parts, wider tolerance parts, lower relative volumes, prototype work and the utilization of less expensive steel rule die tooling.

The best way to choose the die cutting method most suited to your application is to speak with one of our die cutting professionals. We can aid in material selection, die cutting method and packaging options. Let us bring all of our die cutting experience to your next project.

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