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There are many advantages found when using rotary die cutting. Rotary die cutting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to manufacture parts and final products that are cut and folded into precise shapes. This is all done without sacrificing speed during manufacturing. Die cutting is commonly used to build mass-produced items out of materials like paper, metal, and plastic. Our machines make decals, foam products, assembly parts, stickers, and more. For more information on custom die cutting in California, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

Rotary Die CuttingRotary die cutting and Flat bed die cutting is a specific die cutting process that is used to cut, emboss, waste strip, or blank separate.

Different methods of die cutting exist, such as flatbed and matched metal, but of all the types, rotary cutting is most used for industrial and commercial purposes. In most cases, it is a quicker method of cutting compared to flatbed and laser die cutting. It can even manage cutting and forming tough and heavy materials.

How can rotary die cutting streamline your production process?

Although different types of die cutting bring their benefits, one example is best suited for a application. In some specific cases, more than a single cutting method is used in the same project. Rotary die cutting is still used more frequently over other cutting methods because of the many benefits it offers.

Die cutting offers:

Unparallel speed and efficiency: rotary die cutting is an excellent option when long product runs are necessary. Cutting patterns are set directly in the machine so it does not need adjusting between cuts. This results in quick turn-around times for large runs with minimal to no errors. Are you looking for the best die cutting California (CA) has? Look no further than Colvin Friedman.

Rotary Die Cutting